1966 Mustang Fastback GT



1966 Mustang GT fastback

RARE  “factory built”  GT fastback

One of only approximately 1,400 real deal GT fastbacks built by FORD in 1966 (….please take time to watch Video at top).

about “GT’s” ….. it is common knowledge among many vintage Mustang enthusiast that the vast majority of  the GT’s you see today are NOT authentic “factory built” GT cars but actually cloned replicas. Many owners, sellers and would be buyers of these GT clones are not even aware of the lack of authenticity of these cars. Knowledge is key and confirmation is critical if your GOAL is to invest in an authentic GT.

While there is nothing wrong with clones (as long as full disclosure is made) the simple fact is clones do not have the investment value, or the collector desirability as do authentic factory built GT’s.

Know how to verify the authenticity of a “FACTORY BUILT” 1965 or 1966 GT by watching the 2nd video above.  We used this very car in the making of this GT verification video.  A copy of both videos will go to the new owner of this true American legend.

/  factory paint code 4

The original “FORD attached” door trim tag confirms this is a factory code 4, Silver Frost car. It is believed to be 1 of approximately 42 “Silver Frost” GT fastbacks built in 1966 ….. you may never see another authentic factory built example (….please take time to watch Video at top).


This GT has a stunning visual presentation in its original factory color of Silver Frost.  Not only is this one of the most sought after 1966 colors it is also one of the most rare AND in my opinion one of the most beautiful. This is especially true when adorned with all the GT design elements.

Professionally repainted approximately eleven years ago to a very high standard using Glasurit 2 stage paint. Invoice says it was stripped prior to paint. The body was obviously properly properly blocked and the final paint buffed to near perfection. Some eleven years later the paint job remains in show quality condition with very little evidence of wear. It is super slick and has that wet highly reflective look.


The BODY is excellent and like the FLOORS, appears to be original FORD metal with the exception of the replacement of the drivers side rear QTR panel where the car had apparently been in a minor fender bender (excellent repair job).  The Floors themselves are simply amazing in that they original and have not required any patch pan replacement work like the vast majority of these cars – a rare find indeed.

Performance –  WOW !!

Not your ho-hum run of the mill 289 – please take time to watch the TEST DIVE video, this car is notjust a rare car and a pretty face.

This is a really fun GT with two personalities, one being a docile show quality “cruiser” and the other being a thrilling “street fighter”. Having owned a handful of K-codes and Shelby GT350’s, I can tell you that this GT will leave those behind. The car pulls strong, has a fantastic exhaust note, both at idle and under hard acceleration. It has a wonderful mild Lunati cam that gives a very slight lope at idle giving a hint that this car has muscle.

According to the former owner and the receipts he provided, the A-code 289 was rebuilt to a 347 stroker (meaning a 289 bored 30 thousands, 302 Crank and 351 heads ….. a long accepted formula for bringing these 289’s to life).


Receipts document that the entire driveline including the motor, transmission and rear differential were rebuilt with the motor having logged approximately 10,000 miles since the rebuild (transmission and differential have even less miles).

It has also been updated with electronic ignition and is in good tune. It starts easily, idles nice and does not run hot. Also, mechanical wear items such as shocks, exhaust, radiator and brakes have been refreshed.


The odometer is currently showing 55,142. However, I cannot and do not would make the claim that this original but it is interesting to note that when I purchased this car I was SHOCKED to find that it had the ORIGINAL 50 year old FOMCO date stamped exhaust – that was a first for me as usually this is one of the first items to go. The system was actually in pretty fair condition with the exception of the occasional rattles inside the 1965 dated FOMCO mufflers. In any event, given that the car is over 25 years old the state of Texas requires that I sell it as miles EXEMPT.


The interior is the correct factory presentation and is in excellent condition.  It includes desirable OPTIONS and features with everything working.

* Rally Pack / Tachometer & Clock
* Full Console
* GT Floor Mats
* Original Radio
* Fold Down rear seat
* Fog Light Switch
* Disc Brake Pedal
* Remote Mirror Control
* Working Courtesy Lights in all 4 locations

Invest in a RARE  & enjoyable Mustang

Classic cars have proven to be among the most resilient and rewarding investments in recent years with the Historic Automobile Group Index (HAGI) jumping 39% in 2013 and posting gains of 395-percent over the last 10-years. Demand will always be strong for authentic GT fastbacks of this vintage and supply will always be very limited.

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