1966 Mustang fastback GT restomod Silver

1966 Mustang GT Fastback Mild Restomod


In my 40 years of dealing with (and being around) vintage Mustangs I have never seen a finer example of what I would call the perfect RESTO-MOD. It has had all the right upgrades and none of which are in conflict with the original architecture of the car and all of which add dramatically to the value and experience behind the wheel.

The gentleman who commissioned this build actually spent  $300k building this car  (… yep, $300,000). It can certainly be debated as to whether that makes any sense at all, but what cannot be debated is the fact that this car is an excellent buy at $129,950. In fact you can easily spend another $20k on additional mods and updates and still not be outside of this car’s current potential value.

This is a true Factory GT that benefited from the highest quality restoration that included some well executed upgrades and enhancements. If you want an UPDATED factory GT and insist on uncompromised quality at a level that you can only get from a full blown rotisserie restoration by a very high end shop (all supported by an unrestricted budget), then this GEM is worth the wait. The Paint & Body “fit & finish” are about as perfect as man can make it.

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