1966 Mustang Hertz GT350 Fastback



1966 Mustang Hertz GT350 Fastback


This is a very correct Hertz GT350 replica that DRAMATICALLY outperforms the original in every single category.

UPDATES & Refinements

302 engine …. looks exactly like the original 289HiPo but approx. 25 MORE net horsepower

Fuel Injection – EFI …. welcome to the future, better “everything”

Pertronics Electronic Ignition …. better reliability

5-Speed transmission   ….. overdrive effect with low RPM’s at highway speeds

4-wheel power “DISC” bakes …. better stopping capacity & no fade

Dual Master Cylinder …. safer than the original “single” Master Cly

modern Power Steering ….. Borgeson conversion, one of the TOP 3 recommended upgrades

modern Air Conditioning ….. drive it on the hottest of days, it keeps you down right cool

modern bright L.E.D brake/tail lights for better safety

modern bright L.E.D backup lights for better safety

modern bright L.E.D front blinkers for better safety

modern headlights, brightest available for this application for better safety

4-point Roll Bar …. additional safety with NO interference with access or use of back seat (can be converted back if desired, but I personally love it)

“Total Control Products” Sub Frame Connector System (Body stiffened up for horsepower and handling and likely capable of handling even more horse power up to a modern Coyote)

Sound deadening material installed throughout …. quieter and more refined interior

3-row radiator and fan shroud from 1967 …. better cooling

– Tri-Y hedders

– Posi Track rear end 9” rear end

– Shelby engine accents

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