1972 Datsun 240z Lime 4-Speed

1972 240Z 4-Speed


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1972 Datsun 240Z For Sale – 4-Speed


Please read all the details below. If you’re looking for a 1972 Datsun 240z for sale… this is a great choice!

NOT your typical 240Z in any way

This is an all numbers matching correct original example with very low miles from new.

It retains its factory drivetrain as well as its’s unmolested ALL original factory body. The body was never hit, never rotted out, never raced, and never stored outside for great lengths of time. This was a ONE owner car with approximately 75,xxx original miles when it was put in storage by its original owner where it stayed for the next 25 years. It has now been refreshed as described below and as depicted in the pictures.

Including me, it has effectively had a mere 3 owner history, all adults and all preservation minded. I purchased it from the 2nd owner who did the vast majority of the refresh in 2019 and then drove it approximately 500 break-in miles before selling it to me in 2020. I did some additional “detail” sorting and have driven it another 500 miles or so to date. Currently the odometer is showing approximately 75,500 original miles, the last 1,000 of which can be considered break-in / shake down miles. It can now be considered fully sorted and ready for reliable on demand enjoyment.


“Transition” Z

It is important to note that this is a rare “transition car” meaning that it was built at a time when Nissan was transitioning between Series/years. Consequently this car has both Series-2 & Series-3 parts. Most notable is the early Series rear ‘hatch glass’ which is original to this car. The change from vertical to horizontal rear window defroster lines started at car # 62,000, this is car # 55,381. It also has the rare NiKi fuel pump. These transition Z’s were built only for a few months in 1971 and their uniqueness causes some confusion in the 240Z community.


Best “YEAR”   (& Best COLOR?)

The car is stunning in its factory color of code #112 Lime. It’s considered by many to be one of the most desirable 240Z colors and, 1972 is widely acknowledged as the high watermark year for the 240Z run. While color preference maybe subjective, level of refinement is not.

By the 1972 model, Nissan/Datsun had spent the better part of two production years in building these cars during which time they addressed issues and short comings in the earlier Series-1& Series-2 cars. Most notable of the numerous enhancements made in the Series-3 cars were the beefier transmission and longer wheelbase which resulted in a better ride than the early cars.

The sum of these enhancements culminated in the best sorted and most refined version of the 240Z run – the “Series-31972 model …. not the lowest production year of the entire run and not necessarily perceived as the most valuable of the series/run, simply the better all-around car of the entire 240Z run.


Very ORIGINAL example / everything works

In addition to retaining its numbers matching engine and original color, this one has all the detail FACTORY COMPONENTS below that are typically missing and/or not working on these 240Z’s.  These components are present and/or all are WORKING on this super original example.

EVEN the original “pointed tip” antenna and loud seat belt ‘BUZZER’ still work

  • Original radio
  • Original “Pointed Tip” antenna
  • Original undercarriage “belly pan”
  • Original Steering Wheel
  • Original seat belts
  • Original Seat Buzzer function
  • Original wiper blade arms
  • Original windshield washer function
  • Original shifter & original shifter Knob
  • Correct braided hoses under the hood
  • Correct factory installed Decals all around
  • Original tools
  • Some original owner / dealer documents
  • Original keys with matching ‘key code sticker’ still in glove box
  • Original hub caps
  • Original steel wheels (…. two other period CORRECT wheel choices are available)


Cosmetic Condition

To end up with a high integrity car at this level, you must start with a high integrity car. This was unquestionably an excellent foundation to start with. There was NO damaged metal and NO rot anywhere in the body including the floors.  All the original Factory Welds were readily visible. From there it was treated to a quality repaint resulting in a slick, highly reflective look over the  very straight body. The paint job was topped off with NOS factory emblems all around as well as factory replacement weatherstrip. Additionally, the front & rear bumpers were re-chromed resulting in an overall like new appearing 240Z.

While the interior remains substantially original including the seat covers, door cards, headliner seat belts and rear plastic components, the original the dash has a crack and has been covered by an almost undetectable full dash cap. The carpet was replaced with the correct material/weave from Chester & Herod (the original supplier of 240Z carpets).


Mechanical restoration & upgrades

The original numbers matching engine was rebuilt along with the transmission. Everything including the suspension, brakes, gas system, cooling system, ignition system, etc, was refreshed and or replaced. The carbs were sent to Z-Therapy for polishing and total restoration. Original Nissan/Datsun detail items were used everywhere possible including the $1,000 kit of correct under hood Braided Hoses. This was NOT a budget endeavor, rather a passionate labor of love undertaken by two people over several years. Thousands of dollars and untold hours went into this car. The secrete sauce in the end product was starting with the right car and NOT straying from the original near perfect recipe of the 240Z.

It has now been shaken down and fully sorted over the last 1,000 miles bringing the total miles from new to 75,505. The car starts easily, idles properly, runs great and drives great. Some minor enhancements (noted below) were made, HOWEVER, the original parts removed from the car have been retained and go with the car.


Minor Enhancements / all easily reversed if desired

  • Updated front & back SPRINGS to Eibach
  • Updated exhaust pipe / muffler for an intoxicating sound
  • Installed a polished valve cover for show
  • Used a stainless steel bolt kit for under hood components

Some of the HIGHLIGHTS in the refresh

  • Engine FRESHLY rebuilt (the head was port matched and polished)

* Updated the Cam Oiler (critical in the 2.4L engine)

* Head was port matched and polished

  • “Z-Therapy” rebuilt and polished the original 3 screw SU carbs
  • Suspension parts where removed, sandblasted and painted
  • Entire Bake system is new, including stainless brake lines
  • New Wheel Bearings
  • All new bushings & suspension components
  • New Struts, and Springs – updated to Eibach
  • Entire engine Cooling System refreshed
  • Gas tank removed, cleaned and treated with POR 15
  • New Tires, battery, fuel pump, plugs, ignition wiring
  • Complete set of correct Braided Hoses under the hood ($1,000 for the set from JDM)
  • Original shifter rebuilt
  • Front and rear Bumpers re-chromed & new rubbers installed
  • NOS factory emblems all around
  • New correct material & weave carpets
  • Polished Valve Cover (mint original comes with the car)
  • Other steps (too much to list), but suffice it to say that substantial time and care was taken in all of the above steps and $$$$$ was spent on getting the details correct


This is an Investment Quality example

This is questionably an investment quality 240Z with numerous desirable attributes that separate it from almost any other 240Z you could hope to own. Visually it presents as near NEW, to slightly better than new in some categories (paint quality and under hood eye-candy) and mechanically it performs as new. The overwhelming vast majority of theses 240Zs have a checkered past of being neglected, modified, abused, or simply eaten alive by the tin worm.

NOT this car. This is the needle-in-the-haystack you search for but can never seem to find.

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