A Glance Back to the Beginnings

Having grown up with a Dad and two uncles that were “car crazy” it was only natural for me to become a certified car nut. These guys lived the “hot rod & factory performance” years of the 1950’s to the early 1970’s and remain active owners of great classics to this day. In short, they were part of the first wave of an exploding car culture that celebrates all that is GREAT in the American automotive experience.

The extraordinary thing is just how contagious the love for old cars is and how much joy the “car culture” experience has brought to my life. This joy is in the form of meeting people I would have never met and going places I might have never gone. Simply put, road trips in a vintage car make for life long memories. Even a simple drive through the neighborhood in your classic can be equally delightful and, often, just what the doctor ordered. One thing is for sure, everywhere you stop total strangers will come up to admire the car and ask questions or share their memories. I have never seen a better icebreaker between total strangers than a cool automobile.

At the age of 42 (a while back), I left my high stress position as a CEO in the corporate rat race to catch my breath and think about life. During my sabbatical I relaxed by focusing on my car hobby, which had been my constant “go to” for stress relief and family fun. It was a full year later when I finally realized that I would never have to work again, at least not the type of work I was professionally trained to do and had toiled away at for the first half of my adult life. My exposure at an early age to “all things automotive” was the trigger for a life long passion that allowed me to accumulate significant car knowledge. It turns out this knowledge had value. I never dreamed I would someday be free to use this knowledge to pursue my passion full time and it would actually pay some bills.

Over the past decade and a half my greatest joy in my new found freedom has been working with my oldest son, Tyler. We have become best friends with a shared goal of “gaining and promoting” classic car knowledge and car culture fun. I have watched Tyler go from my sidekick to  indispensible helper and now all around equal contributor to a shared objective. Oh, the power of three people to get things done! I say three because the third person in our trifecta from the beginning has been my wife who makes all things in life easier and more pleasant.

Michael and Tyler with 1966 Chevelle SS 396

Michael Tyler and Beth in 1957 T-bird

Without Tyler by my side much of what you see on this site would not be possible. With the ever-increasing advancements in technology and a son who is both creative and tech savvy, we are finding it easier to share our car life journey through videos, photos, and blogs like this one. We are committed to staying current with technology in order to provide some high lights from of our car life journey and to offer superior presentations of the high quality cars we purchase and ultimately offer for sale. Here, the “secret sauce” in our success is our true passion for “all things classic cars” and our growing reputation for finding the uncommon high quality cars .

It all started with my dad, passed on to me then my son and it will no doubt pass to some grandkids. It is impossible for me to convey how much we as a family have been positively effected by our passion for classic cars. Our hope is that somewhere along the way we will somehow inspire others to find a way to enjoy life and realtionships more fully through a simple drive in an old car.

Michael in 1967 Mustang Convertible

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