How to install a GT Mustang stripe

A detailed video on how to install a GT Mustang stripe.

I know installing your own GT mustang stripe can be a daunting task…

But you CAN do it! And here’s a video to walk you through the process step by step. Just take your time, be patient… you’ll do great!

I’ve tried to include as many tips and as much information as possible. The products and methods in this video will be basically the same for installing a GT stripe on 1965-1967 Mustangs. If this video was helpful please give us a like and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more classic car videos!

List of tools required:

– correct GT mustang stripe
– scissors 
– razor blade
– painters tape
– pen
– Wax and grease remover
– Solution of water and Dawn Ultra dish soap (the regular kind) (I used 3/4 teaspoon soap in 32 oz of water)
– plastic squeegee (usually comes with the stripe kit)
– paper towels
– heat gun (or hair dryer)

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