Road trip to the Texas hill country!

Great roads and great cars are an incredible combination. Put the two together and you have a memory maker. We have so many great memories from our road trips to the Texas hill country. Many people have never heard of the hill country, let alone that the Texas landscape has six distinct regions all very different one from the other. Our favorite is the hill county region. Not only are the scenic roads a non-ending delight, but the novel communities, unique eateries and roadside attractions keep you excited about the next stop. Of my many experiences in various classic cars, I have to say that the Triumph TR3 (made between 1953 & 1962) is for me the ultimate short road trip car. Texas is a very large state, so we trailer our vintage triumph to the general vicinity we choose to explore. We find a great B&B for our home base and then set off exploring, each day in a different direction.

Riding in the TR3 with its “low cut” doors is truly a unique experience. Pick the perfect low cruising speed and you can take every thing in. I love these experiences. I love the hill country. I love these memories.


Directions to Lost Maples Cafe:

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